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GOLD LINE Stirrups

Mono Dressage Stirrups

Erreplus Gold Line products are designed and made in Italy using only the finest Italian Bull Leather, used also for the production of all Erreplus saddles.

All the Gold Line stirrups leathers have an inner reinforcement made from nylon webbing and are stitched with a unique triple-ply thread especially developed for the production of Erreplus Saddles and Accessories.

These features ensure that over time the leathers maintain their shape and do not stretch. Moreover, all the side edges are flat-finished to avoid any rubbing on the flaps.

Mono Dressage Stirrups are available in the following sizes, based on the rider’s height:
Size S: from 1.55m to 1.65m Size M: from 1.66m to 1.85m Size L: From 1.86m to 1.95m Available in 3 leather colors: Black, Cacao and Dark Brown.

Mono Jumping Stirrups

Erreplus Gold Line Mono Jumping Stirrups Leathers:

    1. Size M: From 1.55m to 1.85m
    2. Size L: From 1. 86m to 1.95m

Available in 3 leather colors: Black, Cacao, Dark Brown.

Classic Stirrups

Erreplus Gold Line Classic Stirrups Leathers:
An innovative new buckle system has have been designed for the Gold Line Classic Stirrup Leathers.

The new buckles, (specifically left and right), fit the stirrup bar area perfectly, significantly reducing the thickness under the rider’s leg, thereby improving the feeling of close contact.

Available in the following sizes: 125cm, 135cm, 145cm and 165cm
Available in 3 different leather colors: Black, Cacao, Dark Brown.