Connect Mono

Doubled Black
Doubled Cocoa
Doubled Dark Brown
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Mono flap.

The Connect Mono features a completely new tree with a flat profile and longer tree points to ensure greater support and balance of the saddle. This model has been designed and made to fit modern horses with a compact and well-muscled shape and is also warmly recommended for short backs. 
Its soft seat has been designed to guarantee maximum comfort, giving a close contact feeling. With a narrow twist and a seat made of technical polyurethane with a thinned shape, it ensures an incredible feeling of close contact while maintaining great comfort. Also, for this particular model there is only one type of seat, so it will not be possible to choose an open or deep seat.
Another innovation concerns the flaps: made entirely of doubled bull leather, they ensure excellent contact and greater softness. In addition to the different length options, it will be possible to have 3 different projections in a single flap; this adjustment has to be done by our dealers or fitters by changing only one screw in the insertion holes. The three types of projection will be the following:
- Forward (+ 2cm), to guarantee more freedom to the knee and thigh support 
- Standard, for a more vertical posture 
- Drawback (-2cm) for greater support and knee contact.
The front panels attachment to flaps is in Velcro, this will allow a correct adherence between the two components and will avoid the formation of folds and wrinkles during the various projection changes. 
The Connect has long, ergonomically shaped knee rolls. Composed of a double-density technical material, they provide softness and comfort in the area of contact with the rider’s leg and solid support on the outer surface. 
The panels have a unique shape, completely different from any other model. At the front, its innovative ergonomic shape perfectly fits both muscular backs and pronounced withers, combining in a single panel the freedom of the shoulders of an SL and the support of a traditional panel. Thanks to a larger surface laying on the trapezius area and thinner edges, this panel doesn’t limit the freedom of movement of the shoulders and, at the same time, helps the balance of the saddle. Thanks to panels with gusset will also be possible to request additional flocking not only in the rear area but also in the frontal one, in case of particularly prominent withers or exposed spines.

*Also available with Double Flap

*All Dressage saddles are available in 16/17/18 inch versions

* This model is available only with this type of panel, so it will not be possible to choose it in the standard or SL version
Mono Flap, available also in Double Flap.
Flaps length:
Flap Y -6cm/ flap S -3cm/ standard/ flap L +3cm/ flap XL +6cm
Flaps projection, as standard:
Forward DD (-4)/ D (-2)/ B (basico)/ F (+2)/ FF (+4)

Double flap: Velcro attachment, one size available.
Mono flap: externally stitched, standard model.
Unique shape with gusset
Leather colour
Double bull leather: Cocoa, Black, Dark Brown
Your customized saddle
Front and rear piping can be customized.
Standard version with flaps detail and flap in saffiano leather ton sur ton with bi-color stirrup leather loop.
Standard version with polished flaps detail and mono color stirrup leather loop.
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It's recommended to treat the leather of the saddle with the Erreplus Leather Balsam, after having cleaned it with the Erreplus Leather Cleaner.