The DM Saddle
  • Doubled Cacao
  • Doubled Black
  • Doubled Dark Brown
The DM Saddle
The DM or single-flap dressage saddle has been designed for riders who prefer the single flap. This particular model always leaves the front billet free. The DM is produced only in the double-leather version and is available with a deep seat or, on request, with an open seat. For both versions it is possible to choose the option with a narrow twist.*

*All dressage saddles are available in the sizes 16/17/18 inches. All our saddles have fibre padded panels and can be adjusted individually to the horse's back.At the rear of the tree there are two additional holes for positioning the panels to the outside. In that way, the channel gets broader by 1 cm, what is very useful in the case of horses with a wide or exposed spine.
SL version 
In collaboration with specialised technicians, we have also developed a shoulder-free version of the panels, the version SL, which allows prominent shoulders and more developed muscles full mobility. Thanks to its particular shape at the front, the short panels completely avoid any pressure on the shoulder, facilitating its movement and maintaining a large contact surface on the horse's back. This model is not recommended for horses with prominent and hollow withers. The SL version is available for the whole range.