Adelinde Cornelissen
Adelinde Cornelissen
“I love these saddles and their capacity to adapt to the horse in an ideal way, allowing great freedom of movement. Using them I can maintain a perfectly balanced and comfortable position. I could ride with them forever.”
Christian Ahlmann
“The horses move better and it is clear that they are freer and the seat comfort for the rider is exceptional. These are two examples of the characteristics that for me make the difference between a good saddle and an excellent saddle.”
Beatriz Ferrer-Salat
“Erreplus saddles give my horses the freedom of movement and the suppleness of the back they need to perform at the highest level.”
Gianni Govoni
Gianni Govoni
“Both rider and horse reach maximum contact and comfort with this saddle. I must add it is highly comfortable for the horse.”
Bernadette Brune
“With my Erreplus saddle I feel one with my horse when I ride him.” 
Valentina Remold
“The new Freestyle has really helped the contact with my horse. And that’s not all: a better grip means more comfort for both of us.”
Susanna Bordone
“Between me and my horse there’s not just a saddle: there’s something that unites us in strength and thought.”